About Us

What we are

Kainat Maheshwary Maarag Forum have support to needful sufficient patient of our Maheshwary Community (Pakistan) to provide their free medical test with the facility of MRI, C.T.Scan, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Echo, Laboratory etc., & the other Hospitalization related things through our authorizes Hospital & Medical Center’s, as well as provision of free drugs/medicines.

Recently, if our community people need in the case of emergency we also opened our Traditional Blood Account with the collaboration of Husaini Blood Bank for provision of Blood.

By the God's grace is an essential concept we also provided ration Cards allow each family to have only a fixed amount for our Maheshwary Community indigent 28 families since November 2018 till now and we are being distribute monthly whole year programmed from the blessing of Matang Dev Dada with the help of Maheshwary Financial supporters (brothers & sisters) according to Ved of Shree Mamai Dev Dada (Desond).

From the platform of Kainatmmforum, We are very happy to extend to continue our utmost appreciation for the position holder Students Versi Master Award distribution Ceremony and sports activates as well it will great privilege to successfully organized these kind of programmed in this two years.

We are hoping from the strength of our “Al Mighty” to enter our Maheshwary Supporters (Brother /Sister) of Maheshwary Community will have successful and the future years bring continued blessings. (Jai Dhani Matang Dada)